Speaking for Ourselves

GOP 2016 Trump Echoes of Wallace
(AP Photo/Matt York)

Leading up to the 2016 presidential race, everyone knew it would be one for the history books. Little did we know that we would find ourselves lost in a sea of over eighteen candidates, establishment ties, democratic socialism, a sex scandal, twitter feuds, a deliberate plot by party leaders to overturn the American people, and an FBI investigation.  It only seems fitting that the grand finale will most likely be a head-to-head extraordinaire between Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump. On top of that, it seems that the decision will rest on us, the women of this country.


  Born for liberty, disdaining to bear the irons of a tyrannic Government, we associate ourselves to the grandeur of those Sovereigns,cherished and revered, who have held with so much splendour the scepter of the greatest States – Esther De Berdt Reed, Sentiments of An American Woman, 1780.

Inspired by Esther De Berdt Reed and the Ladies Association of Philadelphia, this page was created to provide a platform for women, not only in the United States, but around the world to voice their support for Donald Trump. Free from censorship, it is also an info-sharing platform for us to best support the rehabilitation of our sovereign nation.

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